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ACU-STRIKE Indoor & Outdoor Golf Mat Set

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ACU-STRIKE Indoor & Outdoor Golf Mat Set

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Elevate your golf practice with the ACU-STRIKE Indoor & Outdoor Golf Mat Set, a seamlessly integrated solution for golfers of all levels. This set combines two award-winning products, offering exceptional value at a discounted price, ideal for enhancing your game whether at work, home or on the driving range.

Outdoor Golf Mat: Tailored for the Greens

The Outdoor Golf Mat is specially designed for use on grass. Its robust construction and realistic turf feel make it an indispensable tool for practicing your swing in a natural outdoor environment. Whether you're warming up before a round or honing your technique, this mat is the perfect companion for any grassy setting.

Indoor Mat: Versatile and Convenient

The Indoor Mat excels on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, wood, tile floors, carpet, and other hard surfaces. Its versatility ensures that you can continue your practice sessions in the comfort of your home or office, regardless of the weather conditions outside. The mat’s stability and durability make it an ideal choice for indoor environments.

Innovative Acu-Strike Technology

At the heart of this set is the Acu-Strike Impact Golf Training Mat, featuring a unique fibre fabric technology. This innovative material is designed to leave a dark mark indicating the club head's impact point relative to the ball. This immediate visual feedback allows you to see your swing path as a distinct mark on the mat, providing invaluable insights into your technique.

Instant Feedback for Rapid Improvement

The Acu-Strike Mat is more than just a practice surface; it’s a training aid that revolutionizes how you understand and refine your swing. By clearly showing your predominant swing path errors, it eliminates the guesswork often associated with swing practice. This real-time feedback mechanism empowers you to make instant corrections, leading to more consistent and accurate shots.

Size and Weight 

Indoor Mat: 

Size: 48.3cm x 25.4cm x 3.5cm

Weight: 440gm

Outdoor Mat: 

Size: 48.3cm x 25.4cm x 0.4cm

Weight: 280gm

Special Offer: Enhanced Value for a Limited Time

Enjoy a special discount when you purchase this two-mat set, offering comprehensive coverage for both indoor and outdoor practice. It’s an investment in your golfing journey, providing the tools you need to practice effectively, anywhere and anytime.

Revitalise Your Game with the ACU-STRIKE Indoor & Outdoor Golf Mat Set

Whether you're a seasoned golfer looking to refine your skills or a beginner eager to build a solid foundation, this mat set is your stepping stone to a more proficient and enjoyable golfing experience. Take advantage of this special offer and transform the way you practice and play.