Master Your Swing with Acu-Strike Golf Mat

Enhance your strike with each swing. The Acu-Strike Golf Mat guides you towards becoming an exceptional golfer. Embrace precision and power in every shot.


Transform Your Game with Acu-Strike Golf Mat

Discover the Acu-Strike Golf Mat, PGA's Best New Product. Get instant, precise feedback on your swing's path and direction. Refine your technique and see remarkable improvements in your game.


Boost Your Golf Skills, Reduce Your Handicap.

Off-centre strikes significantly decrease your shot distance. Utilise the Acu-Strike Golf Mat to meticulously examine and improve your swing, ensuring a more impactful hit. 

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor training, this versatile mat can be used with or without a ball, offering comprehensive support for your golf practice.

Simple to Use, Outstanding Results

Unlock the secret to effortless golf training with the Acu-Strike Impact-Training Golf Mat. Our cutting-edge micro-fibre technology captures a detailed imprint of your club's interaction with the ball. This provides you with immediate visual feedback, illuminating aspects such as the low point, swing path, and direction of your stroke.

Perfect for Both Indoor and Outdoor Training

Experience versatility with the Acu-Strike Golf Mat, designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The outdoor version features anchoring points for stability on the teeing ground, while the indoor variant boasts a robust foam base for secure placement. Position your shot from the designated white dot on the mat to instantly identify areas for swing improvement.

PGA Best New Product Winner - Endorsed by Professionals

Sold in over 30 countries!

  • Compact and Mobile

    The Acu-Strike Golf Mat offers unmatched convenience for maintaining your practice routine, whether you're at home, in the office, or on holiday.

  • Self-Guided Improvement

    Bid farewell to costly coaching and complex video kits. Armed with just a fundamental grasp of golf techniques, the Acu-Strike Mat's visual feedback will lead to significant enhancements in your play.

  • Flexibility in Practice

    Practicing with the Acu-Strike Mat, positioned at the white dot, enables effective swing analysis, with or without using a golf ball.

  • Hassle-Free Maintenance

    Maintenance is a breeze. After each strike path, simply brush the mat's micro-fibre back to its original state. This durable fabric is both washable and quick to dry.

Real Experiences, Real Improvements

Simple! I swing and see my path on the mat when it changes colour. Practicing at home with this is good.

The instant feedback is amazing. I can see immediately what the swing was like and use that information with the feel of the swing to make adjustments. I have the indoor mat and use it in the lounge or the back yard. At the range I put it next to the range mat and match the ball flight with swing mark to understand what is happening. Very happy.

Incredible tool for improving your game. Great product and is helping me on my swing.