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ACU-STRIKE Outdoor Golf Mat Pack of 3

$246.00 $267.00 saving $21.00
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ACU-STRIKE Outdoor Golf Mat Pack of 3

$246.00 $267.00 saving $21.00
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Unlock the ultimate outdoor golf practice setup with our exclusive ACU-STRIKE Outdoor Golf Mat Pack of 3, now offered at a special discounted rate. Designed for golfers committed to mastering their swing in outdoor environments, this trio of mats incorporates the groundbreaking Acu-Strike Impact Technology, providing immediate feedback for each swing. Perfect for group sessions or having multiple practice stations, this pack allows for simultaneous feedback across different swings or setups.

Key Features:

  • Outdoor-Specific Design: Each mat, measuring 48.3 cm x 25.4 cm, is perfectly sized for portability and flexible use in a variety of outdoor settings.
  • Acu-Strike Impact Feedback: Utilising a unique fibre fabric, these mats reveal the precise impact point of your clubhead on the mat, offering direct insights to refine your technique.
  • Instant Swing Adjustments: The clear, instant feedback facilitates on-the-fly corrections, greatly enhancing the productivity of your practice.
  • Ideal for Group Practice: An excellent resource for coaches, instructors, or players looking to conduct group sessions, providing a visual tool for swing path improvement.


  • Dimensions: 48.3 cm x 25.4 cm x 0.4 cm (each mat)
  • Weight: 280 gm (each mat)

Shipping Information:

As a bulky item, this pack cannot be shipped to P.O. boxes. A proper delivery address is required to manage the size and delivery of this product effectively.

Elevate Your Practice:

Step up your outdoor golf practice with the ACU-STRIKE Outdoor Golf Mat Pack of 3. This special promotion is ideal for golfers looking to enhance their swing with precise, actionable feedback in any outdoor setting. Whether for individual use, with friends, or in a coaching capacity, these mats are key to advancing your golf skills with accuracy and efficiency. Secure this special offer today and make a significant impact on your golfing performance.